When you select Milwaukee Cremation you entrust us with a great responsibility. To ensure that the Brookfield families we serve have complete confidence in our firm, and that we retain the best cremation costs in the area, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of care.

At Milwaukee Cremation, it is our mission to provide your family with a fitting tribute centered on honoring your loved one’s life, all at prices you can afford. Although there are many decisions you need to make, we assure you that we have the best staff to guide you through the entire process, selecting the best, low cost cremation service for you. Our knowledgeable staff will listen carefully to all your wishes and carry out your arrangements to create a memorable service.

Flexibility and options, just two of the benefits of cremation

Many people mistakenly believe that low cost cremation limits their options. In reality, choosing cremation services from Milwaukee Cremation actually gives you more flexibility and options. You can choose to have a visitation and funeral before the cremation, or you can opt for a memorial service (where the body is not present) either before or after the cremation process. You also have more options for final disposition. You can select in-ground burial, place the urn in a mausoleum, or keep the urn in your possession. People often choose to scatter their loved one’s ashes somewhere meaningful to them. If that is your choice, feel free to consult us first so we can advise you on local laws and regulations.

Learn the benefits of planning ahead

Preplanning your low cost cremation service is a loving gesture to those you leave behind. It allows you time to carefully consider and select the specific items you want, and it allows you to save money by not spending on unnecessary cremation costs. Most importantly, it saves your family and friends the stress of making difficult decisions while still grieving your passing. They will know exactly how you wanted to be remembered, which makes the service more meaningful.

At Milwaukee Cremation, we’ve made it easy for Brookfield families to preplan low cost cremation and memorial arrangements. If you are ready to experience the peace of mind gained from planning ahead, then we are ready to assist you.

How to get in contact with us

If you are a resident in Brookfield or one of the surrounding communities and have an immediate need, please contact us directly at 414-416-2041.